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New Killer Instinct Cinematic with Custom Music!


I have been pretty silent on the blog front but here's a cinematic I have been working on for a very long time that is part of my new Fulgore SNES Tutorial that is now live on my channel!

In this Complete Guide of Killer Instinct, I try to integrate a cinematic feel to it. The goal ultimately is to do the same for future videos and try to develop a little storyline behind that so viewers can look forward to watch the next tutorial!

Here's the cinematic in question:

What made me take this approach is that recently, a commentor on my Jago Tutorial said the following:

It's in French, but basically he was saying that a button didn't work in my combo. It's the main combo of the video and the latter has around 10 000 I was very suprised that my Combo was actually not working!

I realised that a lot of viewers don't actually practice the stuff on the screen, they just watch the video for the joy of watching it!

10 000 views on a Youtube Tutorial and nobody said anything?

So taking that into consideration, I asked myself: How can I offer more value to my viewers who just want to lay back and watch a chill video with a snack? To reinforce this questionning, Youtube also stated in one of my recent recaps that a large % of viewers were actually watching my videos on a TV SCREEN!

This sealed the deal for me! I was like wow! So people do actually just enjoy my videos for their cinematic why not push that idea even further?

New Killer Instinct Music Compositions Available!

So as mentioned at the end of my Fulgore Complete Guide, I wanted to share the 2 Music Tracks I've composed for my new KI Cinematic Universe hahaha! (Or should we call it, the KICU? :D)

Here they are in their full glory, without any sound effects, enjoy!

Post-Apocalyptic Warfare - Fulgore MK-1 Units are taking down entire cities!

Orchid's Dangerous Mission

These music tracks will eventually be purchasable for a small fee on my Shop Page, it's a great way to support me as a creator and at least you get something in exchange actually! :)

Thanks for visiting my website, my Rising Inferno Album is coming soon in the ''My Work'' page.

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